Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iOS 7

Apple's crisp, newly announced OS update gives the mobile operating system a radical new look and some first-for-Apple features for iPhone and iPad fans, like quick-access system controls, automatic app updates, and Apple's AirDrop file-sharing system.
It changes absolutely everything, from the typography and color schemes to the typical icon and button shape across the entire platform. I mean the whole thing -- from the Safari browser to the photo app.
This is the first major redesign of the iOS since the iPhone's first release in 2007,  no doubt..  Apple's developer website crushed horde of mobile developers iOS 7 beta.
iOS 7 brings huge changes in the visual department, which is an important part of the way you relate with your tablet or phone. 
Yet the really substantial, game-changing new features are few and far between
That said, Apple has a history of keeping its most pulse-quickening news for its next iPhone and iPad announcements. For that, we will have to wait until this fall

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